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Stand out from the crowd, grow your audience with playlists

Spotify PR Campaigns

Thanks to direct relationship with a huge number of curators our team is able to include your music in popular Spotify key streaming playlists.


Discover a new land of opportunities that will take your career to the next level

Quality over quantity

Every genre will be considered for our Spotify campaigns, however we can’t accept all submissions. Monthly slots are limited so we can only work on the right material in order to give artists the best results possible


Submission Review


Our team listen and review your track carefully. If approved we’re ready to move on and start our work

Pitching Process


Your song will be directly pitched to our personal list of independent curators

Secure Placement


You’ll be included in popular key streaming playlists. This will turn in monthly listeners, streams and new fans

Data Analytics


We monitor the full process to track results on your campaign and ensure you hit the guaranteed streams that we promised. 

Kickstart your own marketing with a streamlined process

Get your tracks featured and build your fanbase on a reliable service

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Track your success

Dig into song stats and fan insights with Spotify for Artists


Track the progress on your campaign with real-time stats


Get your tracks noticed and expand your reach


Create a sustainable income from your streams


Get help from our team, skilled in improving your algorithms


We don't make promises we can't keep! 100% Refund


Kenny Gourmet

"In the past year I've worked with Esydia a lot on numerous singles and every time they've gone above and beyond with their PR services. They've made it easy around release day knowing my music will reach key audiences from the jump."


Put your best foot forward, we are all ears!

Submission Form Guidelines
*This form is only for paid promotional services*

1. Keep in mind that we are offering a promotional service, please submit only the material you would like to promote. 

2. We accept released or unreleased material without any difference, every genre will be considered.

3. If your track has not been released yet, fill the field with a private link to your song.

4. To send your track use the URL you prefer (Spotify / SoundCloud / Dropbox / Google Drive etc…)

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