What genre of music do you consider?

We have no restrictions and consider every genre of music. We run campaigns and placements on a wide range of genres. (Pop, Commercial, R&B, Indie, Lo-Fi, Alternative, Electronic, EDM, House, Techno, Emo, HipHop, Rap and more)

Can I submit songs that have already been released or just upcoming ones?

We promote released as well as unreleased material

Why don’t you accept every submission?

We prefer to work with a limited number of clients every month in order to provide just the best results possible

Is there any minimum result guaranteed?

Whenever we start working on a campaign we always guarantee a minimum number of playlists and followers reach

Do you provide any refund policy?

Sure, we value customer satisfaction. If we don’t meet the minimum result guaranteed you will be totally refunded

How many plays will my track get from your service?

As you can imagine it’s pretty impossible to forecast how many plays your song will get from our service or even which playlist could potentially accept a submission. Stats and results are strictly related to the specific song itself. In addition to that we would never recommend engaging with any service or person who guarantees you streams in return for money

Is there any ROI (Return On Investment)?

Sure, Spotify pays out royalties from the streams achieved on your track. You’ll keep 100% of the royalties generated through the campaign

How long will my campaign last?

We provide four weeks of active promotion on each campaign. Almost every placement lasts 30 days on each playlist.

Are the plays legit?

Spotify has a zero-tolerance policy regarding streaming fraud and has systems in place to identify this type of behavior. If your music is found to have generated streams in an artificial way it will be removed from the platform and any resultant royalties withheld. We take this issue very seriously and we provide the maximum transparency from our services. We do our due dillegence when vetting playlists

Do you provide reports during the campaign?

We'll provide you with links to the corresponding playlists that we've placed for your campaign. You can then look up the results via your Artist Dashboard. You can also track your live progress daily for the first 7 days via the Spotify for Artists app

What’s your mission?

Our mission is to offer the best promotional service on the market while making it affordable for every artist